Rapid Science Open is a continuum for facilitated sharing, reviewing, and publishing collaborators’ incremental findings, null results, and nuanced insights, in the continually updated Evidence Review (as diagrammed below).

Q: How might the use of preprints & interim research products impact the advancement of science? A: Improve scientific rigor, increase collaboration, speed dissemination, help junior investigators, establish priority, support reproducibility, disseminate null results.

Top responses to NIH survey of 355 respondents from 22 professional societies1

Workflow of an investigator’s single experimental result advancing from the closed (yellow) to the open (green) collaboration platform. The Evidence Review (step 3) is the team’s continually updated review of the latest published literature, citing incremental research as it challenges or supports the latest evidence. It is written and maintained by Rapid Science staff, with nuanced insights from consortium members. Note that iteration occurs at all stages.

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1 Based on: M. Lauer, Following up on interim research products, NIH Extramural Nexus (March 28, 2017)